Locos on the BCR

Beamish Cog Railway has an extensive fleet of, steam, diesel and electric locos. Others are under construction and will appear on this page when they are in service.


Koppel is a strong and powerful loco and can be seen working on the BCR rack railway. she can haul 3 passengers up the rack railway but can haul five full coaches on the BCR level railway. she was the first of what is now a popular design.


To the same design of the first Koppel
This engine worked up to 2009 when its boiler certificate ran out.
She has recently being returned to steam and hauled her first train back in action when the the GREAT NORTH STEAM FAIR was being held by beamish museum.  


This loco is the main work horse for the BCR. this engine simple to operate, service and clean. she can haul five full coaches on the BCR level railway. Another popular design.  


Jessie is the newest engine we have on the BCR. Shes a model of a standard gauge tank engine shunter and is Nearly finished.  She will be a useful addition to the fleet.


This diesel is powered by a lawnmower engine.
It is based on a hunslet narrow gauge diesel. a very useful diesel.


Rocket is a small steam steam loco than is coal fired. It has stephensons valve gear and has a injector on the loco and a water operated water pump in the tender. She will be restored  to working order hopefully by the end of 2010. 


Krokodile is a battery electric loco that is powered by two car batteries.
There are also plans to rebuild her her as a class 47 diesel. 
She is now used to test track and for pleasure driving. 

more locos will be added in the future.