Saturday, 28 August 2010

preparations for weekend of running.

Well today has been another busy day for the BCR. Today the railway station got some new seats and the points were checked and oiled. Also krokodile has got a new driving tender in form of a BR diesel brake tender used to help stop diesels with a heavy train. I hope to have some pics up of this soon . Also Koppel 2 has had its hydraulic test. It also had the steam test but the injector wasn't picking up so a later steam test should be set. It is also hoped to have Jessie complete for the exhibition. These running days will also decide which engine is ENGINE OF THE MONTH. This competition is open to visiting engines and our own fleet of engines. The winner is chosen because it is the engine that has performed the best, being the best all rounder or rescuing a train (but that should never happen hopefully!!!). So which engine will be the winner? Will it the powerful KOPPEL or one the two simple WRENS (as we are having a visiting WREN "NATHAN"). It may be a diesel from Ireland (we hope this comes). find out next week!

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