Friday, 15 October 2010

busy, busy and busy!

By the name of the title there is a lot of things happening around the railway. Things like clearing out a former member's workshop, construction of the carriage shed, repairing the 5 inch krokidile batteries, building a new, light carriage which I believe is to be made from aluminum plus collecting conkers!

The construction of the carriage shed has picked up a gear
and the area built for the stationary engine is nearly complete.
Also the plan is to have raised track inside and partly outside

The chimney for the stationary engine out side the workshop
just after being cut size. 8 feet long!!

A quiet scene at Dipwood Halt.
No more work is needed to be done at the station now as most attention is now on clearing the former member's workshop, building the carriage shed and building the new carriage.

The 5 inch krokidile batteries got attention as the acid levels in the batteries were very low.

The frame for the new carriage. I believe that it is going to be made from aluminum for lightness and indented to be a spare.

And finally we have three fine BCR produced conkers!!!

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