Thursday, 21 October 2010

Let there be fire!!!

On Saturday lumps of old metal came from the former members workshop. We are also preparing for the arrival of the machinery from the workshop. But a momentous event happened on saturday as you will find out.

You may not be able to see it but smoke is actually coming out of the carridge shed's newly fitted chiminey!

One big problem about the railway that it is mostly underneath trees which rain down leaf's in the Autumn. Because of this the railway rescently brought this very useful (and very fun!) leaf blower as for example...

Here is the shed area under a sea of leafs. The leaf blower turned this job, which is a long and tiring to a quick and fun job. After ten minutes the area was transformed to this...

...clean shed area. We have learnt to put a mat over the turntable to stop leaf's from jamming it.

Here we see some steel bar being cut to length. This will make a frame so we can repaint the viaduct.

In the the last post I said there was nothing going on up at the station but I was wrong!! Turns out that a small section of path needed concreated at the gate. Sadly a cat called "FAT-CAT" made a paw mark in the concreate!

And finally we have had a squirrel on this blog before but i can better that now as we have a beautiful (and rare) red kite circling over the railway.

until next time bye!

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