Thursday, 7 October 2010

How to clear out a workshop.

For the past few weeks the members of the railway have been clearing out a former members workshop. Unfortunately there is tones of stuff that is needed to be cleared. As it was cleared this loco was brought to the railway.

This is the 5 inch loco built over eight years ago. Of Swedish design this krokidile is powered by two electric motors. There is a small problem with the batteries but should get sorted out soon.

This is krokidiles new driving truck in form of a BR brake tender. It recently went under gauging trials to see if it could clear all lineside objects and passed. Work should start soon on it.

Most of the stuff from the workshop...

with a tower of video tapes.

And last but not least, a boiler went under a hydraulic test and passed!!
So we could be seeing a new loco at the BCR in the near future!

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